The joy of being one with everything will never be known to a person who is clinging to something or the other- Sadhguru

Today morning, I read this quote by Sadhguru and let it soak into me for a while. At a glance, it is simple and short. It has no major vocabulary to cope with, no confusing tongue twisters at all. Its simplicity is extremely attractive. It is already past the complications that one might face in trying to dissect a cryptic statement made by a Guru.

But this is not an ordinary Guru that we talk about. In his beautiful, rudimentary, down-to-earth, and in-your-face jargon, he makes his way straight into the heart, mind and memory and starts to de-layer and de-clutter. His one line statements carry huge messages that we can take lifetimes to comprehend.

What he says in a few words is phenomenal and life altering, if one has the necessary perception, awareness and reception. And that holds for most of the things that he says. Especially what he quoted this morning. I could not help but dwell on it for a while as each little word had a humungous impact.

For me, dissection and mulling happens best while I write. It is perhaps the best way of understanding and analyzing things and so I am trying to chew on this simple sentence as I write and savor the endless layers of wisdom that it holds. 

If we are in tune with life and existence as we experience, we cannot help but notice that we divide the world into fine layers and numerous levels of good and bad, acceptable and unacceptable, beautiful and ugly, pure and impure and so on. The duality is relentlessly ingrained.

With this in mind, we begin to feel that the creator is flawless but the creation is not. We can embrace the creator but not the creation.

And the last two sentences are telling in themselves.

For an unaware mind it’s trivia, but for an observer, I have erredbigtime.

I have erred because I am making a comparison.

When I make a comparison, what I am effectively doing is dividing the creation. The division leads to an analysis of what is the better of the two.

And then it justifies my love for the one that I find good and shun that which I don’t.

I cling to the one that I have approved and disregard the other. I reinforce the segregation.

What I have effectively done in this process is that I have made a choice to cling to a part of the creation. Whether that part is a person, an opinion, a thought, a nationality, a religion or a gender, is simply contextual. As soon as I make a choice to embrace one and disgrace the other, I divide. I divide in order to make my life well-tuned to all that I am identified with. 

Dividing the existence for any spiritual seeker can be damaging and regressive.

Having said that, the question arises:Can we even exist in a world like ours without making the choices?

The answer, I realize now, comes from the questioner himself because it lies within the questioner at all times.

As our realization of our inner nature becomes somewhat lucid, we have a practical answer in place. In order to see the creation as indistinguishable from ourselves, we need to divide our life itself. We need to live an inner life that is distinct from the outer life. While we are the way that the world wants to see us, and the way we deem fit in order to be at peace with the outer world, we need to live within ourselves as someone who neither clings, nor is repulsed by any aspect of the creation or the creator.

Instead of dividing the existence, we need to divide our inner and outer world.

To be one with everything in this creation, we need to divide and only then we can rule.

Simply divide the inner world from the outer one and rule both the worlds.

Sounds oxymoronic?

Well, the creation is a paradox and we need to abandon in order to receive!


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