Suddenly, I heard a splattering noise from the glass window where I had been sitting just a moment ago. With the coffee mug still gripped tight, I glanced towards the window. What I saw gave me goose bumps. A strong, cold wave passed around me. I stood frozen, staring at the window.

There was a hazy definition of a bony hand, just like the one I had seen a few minutes ago, amidst the water that was splashing on the glass. The hand had a pale, desperate feeling about it. I pushed myself closer to the window.

Was it the impression that my hand had left? No, impressions fade. They don’t melt like three-dimensional objects! The hand melted into the water and disappeared. My forehead was full of sweat. My heart beat fast and my legs felt like jelly.

Chapter 2, Fuzzy Logic, Page 36

“Try to remember. We were together when we had no bodies. We were together for some days before you decided to find a body. I tried to talk to you against it, but you were too adamant. We were still arguing and you quickly made your way into a womb. I accidentally ran in with you. I was resisting getting caught into the web and that is exactly what you led me into. All through the initial time that we spent there, I tried to coax you out of it. I even tried to show you that you could easily get out through the brahmarandra, the way you got in, in the first place,” he explained, pointing at the top of his head.   

-Chapter 2, Fuzzy Logic, Page 39-40

He smiled and carelessly passed his hand across me as if slashing my body into two parts. Nothing happened as he just slid his hand and chopped me through and through as if I was not even solid.

“Whoa! What did you just do?” I howled, jerking backwards. “What is this? Why are you doing this?” I croaked, my voice becoming unsteady and weak, as I looked down at myself to ascertain my reality. I was not dead. With trembling hands, I touched my torso. I was not sliced. I was the same, single, solid piece of a person who was sweating like a pig. If I was subjected to this any longer, I was sure to have a nervous breakdown or a massive cardiac arrest.

-Chapter 2, Fuzzy Logic, Page 47-48

The body twitched. A slight shudder ran through it. Revati, Kalki’s sister winced in horror. Her heart skipped a few beats and the following ones became unsteady and uneven. Kalki froze. She wanted me to somehow come alive. She touched the forehead, groping for some traces of remnant life. She waited for it to sit up and start talking. She looked around. Some others had also seen the movement. They became worried and a little bewildered. Had they read the whole thing wrong? Was there life in the body?

-Chapter 11, Death from across the table, Page 178

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