KAIVALYA-A FIRE WITHIN- The Best Fiction Book 2021

(Understanding Kaivalya) Best Fiction Book To Read

I am on a silent, solitary quest.

And so are you.

Whether you realize it now or later, the quest is non-negotiable. There is no choice of whether you want to be on it or not. To understand more read ‘Kaivalya…a fire within’, the best fiction book.

Anyone who is intrigued and fascinated by life will understand what I am about to say. At some point, when one starts to look at life, not from the point of view of the personality that one has acquired to fulfil the current life, but as life itself, the quest starts to get revealed.  And this quest is the essence of life.

It is the quest for Kaivalya. And the quest for Kaivalya rages like a fire within each of us.

Although I had always been on the quest for Kaivalya, I never had a road map to reach it. The intricacies and complexity of what I had embarked upon hit me hard during a spiritual discourse that I was attending in the year 2016. The thought that captured my attention was this-

“The only reason that you do not want to something in this life is because you have already tried it in another, and you know that it does not work.”

Parmahansa Yogananda Revealed

He told this to his disciples during a discourse. The acts that were being referred to were all the acts like drinking, abusing, raping, looting, plundering, murdering and so on.

We are all witness to these acts, whether through local news that flashes all day or through national newspapers or sometimes, unfortunately, as a first-hand experience.

This sentence simply refused to leave me for days. I could not imagine myself playing these roles in society at any point in time. I could not imagine being a conniving murderer or an abusive spouse or worse. But I was being told that the only reason that I was not compelled to murder or abuse or loot or rape in my current life was because I had already played such roles in my former lives.

Through these roles, I had realized that these actions were not fulfilling me. Though these acts might have fulfilled me transiently, the happiness they brought was short-lived. Unknowingly, through all these roles, I had come closer to the end goal. I had also started to write the best fiction book.

Even though it seemed bizarre at first, the logic of it did stick and struck a chord somewhere deep within. Why some people were compelled to do certain things and some were not, began making sense.

Why life seemed so unfair and cruel sometimes, also started making sense. It was evident that actions performed by anyone in any life were not lost and forgotten. Life had a way of remembering it all. Life had a way of balancing it all.

“As we sow, so shall we reap” 

What the writer of this quote probably didn’t know was that it holds true for all lifetimes of a life and not just one. What we sow in one life may need to be reaped in another. In the end, finally, the balance is immaculate. Life has no scope for errors and miscalculations. The karmic ledger is flawless as it is the ultimate test for the endpoint of the quest for Kaivalya.

Acceptance and internalization of the thought was also a turning point for me.

I started believing in reincarnations.

It somehow seemed like the most natural thing now. What we were served in any life was of our own making. We had to take responsibility for it all without blaming anyone else. We had to neutralize these karmas by dissolving them or by repaying them.

The choice to face them and brave them was ours. The choice to learn from them and remove them was ours. choice to not learn from them and live a compulsive life was also ours. Our choices could bring us closer to Kaivalya or stall our progress. This understanding compelled the beginning of the best fiction book.

The possibilities springing from this thread haunted me. I could vividly imagine how a life could progress from a lower consciousness to a higher one through the experiences that it undertook. I wanted to explore this thought from the beginning till the very end.

This is when the ideation of Kaivalya…a fire within, started.

A Journey through 7 lifetimes of a soul

Kaivalya…a fire within, covers the journey of a life through seven lifetimes and sheds light on the karma that this life collects through its journey.

The book is written in the backdrop of Indian history through the past three centuries. In an intriguing perspective on this subject, in the best fiction book, the story takes place in the beautiful barren deserts and wild jungles of India.

The protagonist travels through these locales and is bombarded with intriguing visions of her past lives. Through her experiences she receives answers to a plethora of questions that she has posed before the existence, bringing her closer to Kaivalya.

This brings us back to where we started.

Quest for Kaivalya?Best Fiction Book 2021

A life on the path of evolution constantly tries to find the purpose of life. Oxymoronically, when it becomes evolved enough, it realizes that life does not have a purpose. Not a customized one at least. The end game and end goal of life is dissolution of life itself.

When we are born, we simply grab a bit of life that we trap within sheaths of our food body, energy body, mental body, knowledge and wisdom body (Annamaya Kosha, Pranamaya Kosha, Manomaya Kosha, Vigyanamaya Kosha).

Life, the bliss body or the Anandmaya Kosha, which is a non-physical dimension, trapped within these grossly physical and semi-physical bodies, is constantly trying to get un-trapped and merge into the boundless life or the cosmic consciousness.

The final merging of the boundless and the bound life is possible only when the bound life is able to release all the stored karma.

Read the best fiction book, Kaivalya…a fire within.

This the final freedom that every life yearns for.

This is liberation

This is Kaivalya or complete inner freedom.

Writing, for me, is a way of personal growth, and writing Kaivalya…a fire within, has been personally rewarding. It also won the Sahityakosh Samman Award for best fiction book. Sometimes I lived through my characters and at others, they lived through me.

I progressed with every story that I wrote. Kaivalya…a fire within, is a story with seven intricately connected stories. I have lived seven lives through it. have grown tremendously through it. Have cried through it. I have laughed through it. have lived it and loved it. Like me, as you read it, I hope you too will find yourself coming closer to Kaivalya.

KAIVALYA-A FIRE WITHIN- The Best Fiction Book 2021

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