Let Go of Me

“You finally decided to listen to me,” he said, his voice deep throated and soothing as in the last three times when she had seen him. She had been in despair all those times, as she was now but there had always been a strange serenity about him. There seemed no difference in the lucidity of what was happening now and what had transpired in the dreams. This was as real as they were. Or not.

She looked at the dust on the floor as a tear drop fell onto her lap. “Is this true? This, all this that is written in the notebook?” her voice quivering as she managed to speak, the words barely making their way out of her chest. “Is this why you were calling me? Who are you?”

A smile of radiance dawned upon his face and lit up his eyes. “You know me dear. I am not separate from you. I am your source. I am you.”

Pages 9-11, Chapter 1

He pelted another pebble into the river. “Plop” the sound felt familiar as he watched the water ripple outward from the centre that he had created. He had created so much more in life. He had created multiple centres. The ripples from each of them now threatened to cross into each other. Sometimes the waves would nullify each other and at others, their magnitude would multiply. He was yet to find out whether he could withstand the intensity of those high tides.

Chapter 4, Page 32

The trees stood tall at the edge of the pond. The azure sky was adorned by a faint glow of the morning sun. The pond ‘s blue was adorned by a faint glow of the same morning sun. They could have been each other. The sky and the pond looked the same, except that one was up there and the other down here. Other than that, the difference was hard to tell. The Poplars merged into the background and the foreground as if they were not there. Distinct in presence but not in assumption. They were and yet they weren’t. Their reflection was as clear as they themselves. It was hard to say which was real and which was not.

Chapter 19, Page 230

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