Looking at Death squarely in the eye

This subject is never a pleasant one, worst of all when we are dealing with the loss of someone close and dear to us. Our world tears apart and life feels redundant. It is undoubtedly and understandably extremely painful to deal with death. This is the perspective of the ones who have seen experienced the death from close proximity.

But everything in our existence is relative and dual. There are multiple perspectives and multiple points of view. If we see one side of our hand, we are unable to see the other side simultaneously. Like for all else, for death too, there has to be another perspective.

It is when I started to mull over these issues that I felt like exploring the other side.

Looking at Death squarely in the eye-The perspective of the dead.

In a way, this exploration is also a preparation for the inevitable. When we are born, we come with a guarantee. The guarantee of death. So, it is imperative that we try to equip ourselves to look at it in the eye.

One way to do that is to take a look at it from across the table; from the perspective of the one who has actually experienced it.  Not me, not you but the one who is dead.

Their perspective is important because even when they go away, leaving their physical bodies behind for us to deal with, they are really not gone. They exit our world and go to another. The world that might not be physically located where you and I live but vibrationally, they may not be far. In other words, they may be intangible, but not they are definitely not non-existent.

That makes us wonder. Where do they go? What happens to them? What do they do with their bodiless forms? Do they still have ambitions? Do they still look for completion of some sort?

These questions often chew my brains and the best way to channelize the thoughts that then make way into my head is to write. Since this subject is close to my heart and my way to delve deeper into any subject is to write, this is very much the subject of my next book.

This book trails the life of a schizophrenic painter, very much engrossed in life, and his story after his last death. It is not yet my or your journey but a sneak peek into the journey of someone who is at the cusp of life and death and his experiences thereafter could bring to life a dimension not many have the courage to explore or question, let alone look at it squarely in the eye!

Looking at Death squarely in the eye………
Looking at Death squarely in the eye

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