Why ‘Kaivalya’ was born?

The only reason that you do not want to something in this life is that you have already tried it in another, and you know that it does not work. The reason behind Kaivalya was born.

This is my recollection of what Parmahansa Yogananda said to his disciples during one discourse.


The acts that were being referred to were all the acts like drinking, abusing, raping, looting, plundering, murdering and so on.

We are all witness to these acts, whether through local news that flashes all day or through national newspapers or sometimes, unfortunately, as a first-hand experience.

It was the year 2016.

I was listening to a spiritual discourse and this statement caught my attention. It simply refused to leave me for days. I could not imagine myself playing these roles in society at any point in time but the logic of it stuck and struck a chord somewhere deep within.

Why some people were compelled to do certain things and some were not, began making sense. This was also a turning point since I slowly started believing in Reincarnations. It somehow seemed like the most natural thing now.

The possibilities springing from this thread haunted me.I could vividly imagine how life could progress from lower consciousness to a higher one through the experiences that it undertook. This is when the ideation of Kaivalya

Kaivalya…a fire withinstarted.

The repercussions of this thread go deeper than writing a book. In a society that boasts of being civilized and evidently bursts with comforts and resources of all kinds,

it is rather painful to see the level of crime at an all-time high. People are angry, depressed, stifled, and oppressed.

This is the scenario even after being in a society that is replete with comforts at all levels. The constraints of time and distance have been nullified to a huge extent due to the internet.

What then is still compelling us to abuse ourselves by being angry, being obsessed with food, drink, sex or drugs?

Maybe, if we look deeper within, we may realize that it is an innate need within each of us to fulfill the unfulfilled. Until that is fulfilled, we will try out whatever we feel can bring us the desired happiness. All the above acts will bring happiness, albeit for a short period of time.

Running after the unfulfilled in such a manner will ensure that we are caught within the web of our karmic substance and will never be able to realize freedom that we all long for, whether knowingly or unknowingly.

What can then be done? Can we break away from this web? Is there a way out?

One thing that I have realized over the years is that reminiscing does not get us anywhere. Need to act to make a change. We all need to gather courage and break away from the comfort of known misery.

We need to have the grit to take responsibility for each of our actions and be prepared to face the music when the time comes.

Are we ready?


Most likely, not.

There are no simple answers to any of the questions that I ask.

The practical solution is to act with complete awareness, to be alert at all times and to live life as if in observation of oneself at all times. If we do become angry, we can try not to lose control and even when we are angry, never to lose the perspective of being our own observer.

Try it!

It can sometimes be very funny and at others, rather entertaining!

The start can be small. The results can be big. All that is needed is a less distorted perception and an open reception.

Why ‘Kaivalya’ was born?

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