The Literary Spectrum is waiting to add

your shade to itself and become more complete and vibrant!


At The Literary Spectrum you will take your very first step towards becoming a good, confident writer whose work will be taken seriously. Delving into this course will allow you to craft engrossing narratives that grip your readers from the very beginning. You will develop a great deal of skill of using tools and techniques like Sensory Writing, Show Don’t Tell, building real life characters, settings and situations, and weaving them into your narrative. Your writing will flow easily with usage of a great mix of narration and dialogues. At the end of the course, you will be able to design a plot, complete with all elements, smoothly weave characters and settings into it, and concoct an exciting tale that your readers are able to relate to and enjoy all the way to the end.

Come and be a part of us and experience the synergy!

If you are an aspiring writer, you are exactly where you need to be!

Come and be a part of us and experience the synergy!

Innovative teaching, fresh pedagogy, collaborative learning, peer reviews, role plays, quizzes, case studies and many more exciting ways to learn!

We can help you channelize your thoughts, think parallel and multi-dimensional, play with words and thus pen down thoughts effectively!

Our methods have instilled huge confidence in the participants to not only write beautifully but also hold stage and speak publicly.

The interactions and participation lead to soaring high confidence levels that translate into vibrant, sensitized, well rounded personalities.

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